Our Values


  • Be opportunity oriented, not opportunistic
  • Exercise integrity, don’t preach it
  • Pursue excellence every day – not as an act but a habit
  • Make innovation an innate imperative
  • Achieve objectives by building sustainable advantage
  • Operationalize values into the business agenda
  • Don’t abdicate passion to the easy cynicism of our times
  • Resist the fear in division; compete by bringing people together
  • Embrace diversity beyond the obvious: contrarian people and uncommon sense are competitive assets

How We Operate

  • Achieve breakthroughs from an orientation of open-minded pragmatism, rather than the box of categorical or conditional assumptions
  • Identify and navigate the most efficient path to an opportunity
  • Practice a high touch, rapid-response service model: unlayered, accessible and accountable
  • Approach the challenging circumstances of organizational transformation with skill and sensitivity
  • Translate the intelligence and proven best practices of other industries to the assignment at hand
  • Build consensus among divergent groups and mitigate opposition forces that can impact your agenda
  • Build the confidence and earn the trust you require for success
  • Practice the kind of due diligence (research, analysis, impact assessment) that caters to what C-suite leaders need for better decision-making