The New C-Leader
From Impactful to Transformational

SIP Managing Partner Art Stewart supports C-suite leaders, public and nonprofit executives, Board directors and other senior leaders - as well as leaders in transition - to open up a pathway for them into becoming more effective for these extraordinary times. In other words, to accelerate their transition from impactful to transformational working from the inside out.

In his role as a management consultant, Art has been a personal advisor in direct support of his client leaders across the spectrum of public and private contexts for nearly 25 years. He has helped men, women, and leaders of color address their personal and professional contexts to apply new approaches to resolving specific organization challenges and development goals.

New! ESG Leadership Coaching
Art is now offering his private leadership coaching for those (executives, Board directors, and advisors) who are seeking specific support in understanding, navigating, and optimizing the implications of the global ESG movement as it manifests in the unique context of the leader's domain. It's a very effective step to strengthening a leader's grasp of ESG matters before addressing what to do next in the larger context of their organization and industry.

Art's Leadership Coaching Programs

Important Policy Note: All coaching relationships are under NDA and adhere to strict ethical and confidentiality standards, including those executives coached who report to a C-suite leader. SIP requires the hiring party to maintain a firewall of complete privacy and non-disclosure for those whose coaching they are funding.

One-on-One Private Leader Development Coaching
One or two 90-minute sessions per month conducted via Zoom or in-person (when and where appropriate).

One-on-One Private ESG Leadership Coaching
Available in either format option as described herein, depending on the level of the client's urgency and need: One or two 90-minute sessions per month conducted via Zoom or in-person (when and where appropriate) or the advanced program that delivers a monthly follow-up strategy memo.

Advanced Agenda-Oriented Private Leader Coaching
This model entails one intense session per month (2-3 hours) followed by the issuance of a Strategy Memo that pulls together the matters addressed in the session and ties them to specific goals the leader is focused on achieving. This type of guidance and support is most effective when a leader is facing:

  • Business or industry upheaval
  • Pressures around ESG, cyber or other risk vulnerabilities, challenging personnel dynamics (e.g., employee recruitment and team retention), etc.
  • Complex negotiations and transitions, such as an M&A or J-V process
  • Revenue and other organization performance matters
  • Keyman/key employee issues
  • Legal (litigation) or reputational challenges
  • Board politics or governance inadequacies
  • Interaction with corporate counsel (internal or external)
  • P-E firm or investor group hyper oversight during periods of volatility, change, or crisis

For Art Stewart's Leadership Coaching programs, please make a private call directly to our office (781.383.9222) or private message Art via his LinkedIn account.