Corporate Integrity/ESG

For Private Markets
Private Companies, Family Businesses, Private Equity and Venture Capital Groups

SIP helps private market operators maximize ESG opportunities for strategic competitive advantage, new value creation, market leadership, enhanced risk management, and better exit options.

ESG presents private companies and family businesses with opportunities for growth and development beyond what public companies can leverage in their ESG programs. Public entities, often larger and multinational, have greater impositions of accountability, scrutiny, and regulation to manage with the added complexity of bureaucratic structures. Allocations for ESG innovations can often conflict with the resources needed to support transparency, disclosure, and compliance that comes with operating in a shareholder-based market.

Private companies and family enterprises can execute a more proportionate, agenda-specific use of ESG as a proactive toolbox for new value creation and upscaling competitive advantage. Their brands have historically had to rely more on living out purpose, values, and legacy in the customer experience without the benefit of share value and stock performance to drive market confidence and leadership.

As new business practice standards and stakeholder expectations transform the competitive market landscape – including broadening the notion of what constitutes risk and liability – implementing a proportionate ESG strategy will reduce that risk, build your long-term resilience, and better equip operations and other functionality.

Private companies and family businesses by nature have an ability to move with more singularity of focus, speed, and agility. Using ESG as a competitive differentiator enables the pursuit of financial goals with less resistance and greater trust from more lasting stakeholder consent.

Our ESG platform applies approaches, methods, and standards to essential disciplines:

While SIP’s ESG for Private Markets capabilities focus primarily on driving next-gen competitive advantage via new value creation and risk management strategies, we’re equally skilled at providing the core ESG building blocks whether for private or public market context.

Increasingly private market clients are being compelled to development, implement, manage, measure, disclose (report), and justify (account for) essential business performance indicators if they want to capture M&A or joint venture opportunities, qualify as a preferred supplier to a multinational sourcing company, attain new insurance, or secure capitalization for an initiative.

These capabilities include:

  • Developing an ESG-Specific Strategic Plan (Goals and Targets; Resilience Strategies)
  • Setting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Science Based Targets (SBTs)
  • Employing the Right Reporting Standard
  • Sustainability Model Development
  • Architecting a Preferred Employer or Preferred Supplier Brand Strategy
  • Establishing a Code of Conduct, Sustainability Policy, and Attendant Guidelines
  • Creating an ESG Messaging System
  • Designing and Writing ESG-Sustainability Reports
  • Conducting Materiality-Risk Assessments
  • Providing Data, Property, Asset Assessments
  • Conducting ESG Due Diligence for Acquisitions, JVs, Commercialization Initiatives
  • Developing the Strategy and Roadmap for an Environmental Management System
  • Individual and Teams ESG Coaching/Training

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As a group of senior business leaders, the SIP team has been directly involved in some fashion with various aspects of the global responsible business movement over a generation. We have literally grown our careers in parallel with the corporate integrity evolution.

Don’t mistake values as politics. ESG is not about injecting politics or personal opinions into your business. It’s about aligning the methods and means to revenue performance, EBITDA, profitability, and valuation to the drivers of the ‘license to operate’ in the new paradigm of stakeholder capitalism.