Corporate Integrity/ESG

SIP works with private company/family business C-suite leaders and their Board directors to maximize ESG opportunities for strategic competitive advantage, market leadership, and enhanced exit options.

Global markets are transitioning from the old "CSR" (Corporate and Social Responsibility) into a 'reborn', broader ESG (Environmental-Social-Governance) framework premised upon material impact, fiduciary accountability and operational transformation. An evolved ESG paradigm has reshaped the due diligence process and informed the analytical mindset of investors, auditors, CFOs, risk managers and other key players who have not traditionally considered ESG issues as truly material.

ESG indicators are now a filter through which assessments are made about any number of factors to do with a company. Indeed, ESG outcomes are increasingly core to valuation calculations while the right ESG initiatives can be developed into premium value-adds to enhance overall competitiveness and exit options when based on hard assets.

As new business practice standards and stakeholder expectations transform the competitive market landscape - including broadening the notion of what constitutes risk and liability - more privately held companies and family businesses will need to implement a proportionate ESG strategy to reduce that risk, build their long-term resilience, and adequately equip operations and other functionality.

Going forward, a successful private company ESG initiative will require fine tuning:

  • Leadership and Management (Succession)
  • Governance
  • Human Capital
  • Operations
  • Supply Chain
  • Brand
  • Customer Experience
  • Innovation and Value Creation (Exit Competitiveness)
  • Digital Transformation

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As a group of senior business leaders, the SIP team has been directly involved in some fashion with various aspects of the global responsible business movement over a generation. We have literally grown our careers in parallel with the corporate integrity evolution.

Click each area below to learn how we may help you master the opportunities that are awaiting you as ESG becomes a standard for how business maintains its competitive edge and durable financial performance:


Corporate, Brand and Reputation Risk/Operational Resilience
Policies and procedures for a more secure state of competitive endurance
Create the enabling infrastructure; build more agile, adaptable and durable operations

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Next Gen Supply Chain Leadership
Leverage ESG to reduce risk, build resilience and eliminate the blockages to collaborative innovation

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Human Capital Enablement and Empowerment
Build a trusted people platform so they may lead consequential change and accelerate growth

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Conscious Governance
Transform your Board into catalysts for innovation enablement and value creation

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