Growth and Transformation

At SIP, we deliver exceptional strategic insights and planning direction for achieving the growth ambitions from no-nonsense, executional street smarts which get the job done.

Few can analyze insightfully, fewer can plan in ways that uncover hidden opportunities, most never deliver what they promise. Until SIP.

We reduce the complexity of a situation so your team may gain the clarity it requires to razor focus on the right priorities. Early on we simplify the issues, concepts, and organization dynamics you may be dealing with so that together we can unleash the unanticipated upside in any challenges.

SIP optimizes the alignment of your internal systems, processes, infrastructure, and human capital functionality with our particular approach to constituent (e.g., customer) lifecycle process engineering. We close the gaps between your internal operations and your external in-market experience to maximize all of your assets for top and bottom-line impact.

Do you want to spend any of your valuable resources trapped in a continuous loop of frenetic reactions to others? Or do you want to clear a path that attracts the right targets and shifts your market position to where competitors scramble in response to you?

Growth Strategy Development and Business Planning
Roadmap your pathway, master your competitive landscape, build a defendable business case

  • Competitive Market Analysis
    Psycho-Socio-Political-Cultural-Economic Drivers of the Operating Context
    SWOT Assessment
  • Target Markets Qualification, Definition, and Segmentation
    New Growth and Revenue Opportunities Validation
  • End-to-End Strategic Planning Process
    Actionable Revenue Growth, Marketing, and Organizational Development Roadmaps
  • Capabilities-Capacity Assessment and Alignment
  • Front End Optimization
    Business Development Operations and Acceleration Pathway
  • Digital Transformation Initiatives
    CRM; ERP; ESG Compliance

Value Surveys and Sentiment Analysis

  • Survey Design and Development
  • Project Management
  • Findings Analysis
    Summary Conclusions and Attributions
    Findings Integration: Corporate-Investors-Shareholders-Stakeholders ROI

Operational Resilience
Create the enabling infrastructure; build more agile, adaptable, and durable operations

  • Hard and Soft Assets Inventory
  • Internal Upstream-Downstream Alignment and Interdependencies
    Infrastructure (Tech Stack), Business Unit, Process, Function, People
  • Corporate Impact Strategy, Program Implementation, Assimilation
    Roadmap Development and Program Design
    Accountability, Communications, Change Leadership

Transformational Change
Become more opportunity oriented; harness uncertainty and re-shape your environment for ownership and success

  • Situation-Context-Social Analysis
  • Change Agenda and Strategic Plan
    Needs Assessment
  • Actionable Change Initiatives
    Roadmap, Deployment, Champion Onboarding
  • Change Leadership
    Leader Strategy Development and Implementation
    Enterprise-Wide Integration; Assimilation Facilitation and Support

Risk and Resilience

Corporate, Brand, and Reputation Risk
Implement policies and procedures for a more secure state of competitive endurance

  • Analysis of Corporate-Brand Political Dimensions, Public Interest Liabilities
  • Company-Brand Walk-Talk Gap Analysis and Resolution
  • Leadership Competency Profile and Public Risk Assessment
  • Ethics Management System
    Development of Monitoring, Measurement, Reporting Procedures
  • War Room Operations Design, Response Process Development, Infrastructure Specifications

Multi-Stakeholder Values and Issues Management
Structure resources for the ongoing response and mitigation of externality risks

  • Company-Brand Impact Issues and Public Values Context Developments
    Lifecycle Analysis, Risk Benchmarks, Readiness Capacity, Touch Point Strategy
  • Threat Impact Assessment
    Escalation Monitoring and Measurement, Prioritization Process, Readiness Capacity
  • Development of Issues and Public Policy Impacts Databank
    Historical and Futures; Emerging Trends

Mapping for Clarity
Acquire a more holistic view, reduce the complexity of your challenges, visualize a range of scenarios, and validate the best path forward

  • Customer Experience Lifecycle
  • Multi-Stakeholder Universe
  • Psycho-Socio-Political-Cultural-Economic Market Dynamics
  • Supply-Value Chain Universe
  • Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)
    Keyman Exposure
  • Operations Functionality
  • Human Capital Brain Trust
    Succession; Knowledge Management