Learning That Sticks!

At Strategic Impact Partners, we strive to ensure that our custom programs empower your teams with strengthened capabilities and enhanced competitive skills. Our collaborative approach is designed to produce dynamic learning experiences that are tailored to your specific business context and development requirements.

Maybe you want to review some fundamental skills, adopt next-generation practices that can drive a competitive breakthrough, or train your front line personnel in advanced sales skills. Our training experiences work to induce an innovation mindset with engaging peer-to-peer interaction.

Whether you are a senior enterprise or business unit executive, Board member, front-line manager or specialized professional, we configure our training and development programs according to your organization’s profile – its size, business model, complexity, maturity, competency scale, the internal resources available for assimilation and your budget.

New learning opportunities to be announced soon!

Futurists with Expertise in Curriculum Development and Experiential Learning
The SIP training and development team is comprised of futurists, university professors, curriculum developers, researchers and authors.

Each of us brings a history of successfully anticipating the next horizon of essential knowledge and intelligence our clients will require to advance their personal, professional and organizational development goals. We will tailor any solutions to fit the world in which you operate, fostering powerful team cohesion that delivers a proven return on investment.

  • White Board Ideation Workshops
  • Strategic Planning Workshops
  • Board of Directors/Advisory Board Retreats
  • Leadership Team Huddles
  • Sales Team Enablement Workshops
  • Multi-Stakeholder Dialogues or Community Forums
  • Issue Forums
  • Instructional Programs
  • Corporate Education Programs (Internal and External)
  • On- or Off-Site
  • In-Person, Virtual or Hybrid
  • Video, Audio, Online
  • Full Curricula – Instructional Guides, Training Manuals, Curriculum Texts
  • Mapping Documents, Strategic Plans, Research Reports, White Papers
  • Mastering ESG Competencies
  • The New C-Leader
  • Training Front Line Personnel on Advanced Sales Methods
  • Brainstorming a New Product or Service
  • Conducting Ideation Sessions for a New Methodology
  • Conducting a Crisis Intervention or Reconciliation Dialogue
  • Holding Stakeholder or Community Conversations
  • Developing Your Competitive Messaging
  • Developing New Content or a Curriculum

New learning opportunities to be announced soon!