Risk and Resilience

C-Suite Mobilization – After COVID-19: Future Market Mapping

Corporate, Brand and Reputation Risk
Create the enabling infrastructure; implement policies and procedures for a more secure state of competitiveness

  • Analysis: SWOT; Corporate and Brand Political Dimensions; Public Interest Liabilities
  • Social Impact Audits
  • Leadership/Competitive Risk Profile and Assessment
  • Ethics Risk Assessment and Management System
    Integration with Strategic Planning and Business Continuity Process
  • Development of Monitoring, Measurement and Reporting Procedures

Build more agile, adaptable and durable operations

  • Corporate Integrity (Responsibility) Strategy
    Plan Development and Program Design
  • Corporate Integrity Program Implementation and Assimilation
    Alignment with Enterprise Operations
    Integration with Sustainability and Vulnerability Resolution Programs
    Accountability, Communications and Change Leadership
  • Competitive Assets Inventory
    Products, Services, Knowledge and Intelligence, Technology
  • Asset and Business Value Alignment
    Acquisition, Implementation, Integration